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Classes Taught this year – 6th Grade Math, Algebra 2, 7th Life Science, 8th Earth Science,  7th-8th Computer Class

Life Science:  Life Science introduces the students to the living world around them. The course includes topics such as classification, cells, heredity, microbiology, botany, and the animal kingdom, as well as an introduction to human anatomy. The teaching is supplemented with interesting labs and projects.

Earth Science: Earth Science is a study of the earth, covering topics that include matter and energy, geology, earthquakes, volcanoes, the Earth’s atmosphere, and the solar system.

7-8 Computer Class: Students learn a variety of computer skills using the Google Docs Suite, and increase their typing skills.

Algebra 2 expands on concepts taught in Algebra 1 covering topics of graphing, systems of three equations, abstract equations, word problems, vectors, trigonometry, and the quadratic formula.